Friday, January 20, 2012

BreathalEyes version 1.2 coming soon thanks to you!

We are truly grateful for the enormous response BreathalEyes has received as we usher in this New Year, it is truly amazing to see the word spreading not only across America but throughout the world. As we reach more and more people we aim to become more involved with the user experience and use your feedback to better our product. After much tweaking we are just about ready to release BreathalEyes version 1.2 which we hope will address the first of the many improvements we have planned for this exciting new technology. This is just the beginning of this technology that we believe has great potential to educate and entertain when it comes to drinking responsibly. So we are very excited to announce that version 1.2 will be coming as a free update very soon. 

Improvements we have made to the app include a faster test by increasing the rate of image capture and eliminating some of the issues with false positives. BreathalEyes is not intended for sober people, but we understand the frustration some people experience when testing a person who hasn't been drinking and getting a result. BreathalEyes is programmed to assume the subject being tested has alcohol in their system, and while that is still the case, this version will hopefully eliminate some of that error and either display low values or get no results for those who are sober. The app is also now going to be in landscape mode for added stability and accuracy.

When the new version of BreathalEyes is available for download we hope you will try it out and let us know how it compares to the first version. Please also let us know of any other improvements you would like to see in the future, either with a comment here or by visiting our website at Thank you so much for all the support!