Tuesday, March 5, 2013

BreathalEyes Version 2.0

It has been a long time in the making, but we are finally ready to release the new and much improved BreathalEyes version 2.0. With 20,000+ downloads in over 20 countries worldwide we have been very pleased with the success of BreathalEyes so far, but we knew from the beginning we needed to improve. Our first release was only part of what we imagined BreathalEyes to be, version 2.0 brings us much closer to our original vision. Utilizing the video capabilities of your smartphone instead of the static images of the camera we are now able to get a much larger set of data. Coupled with an improved algorithm, BreathalEyes can now yield a much more accurate picture of the subjects' BAC when used properly.

As with any new product there are always setbacks, we intended to release this version last year but faced many hurdles along the way. Being a small start-up our limited resources prevented us from reaching our new version's potential as quickly as we wanted. But thanks to our brilliant programmer, Mark Freeman, and your continued support from around the globe we are finally ready. Now more than ever we hope you will download BreathalEyes and share it with your friends. When used properly it can be a great tool to help promote alcohol safety and awareness. The new release will be available for download this Friday on March 8th for $1.99, this is the last week to purchase BreathalEyes for 99 cents. All ensuing updates to those who have purchased BreathalEyes will be free. We will be posting more updates this week in preparation for our new launch so stay tuned.

Thank you for all the support,
Team BreathalEyes

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