Thursday, December 1, 2011

Introducing BreathalEyes

BreathalEyes has arrived, bringing patent pending technology to the iPhone that scans a person's eye to estimate an intoxicated individual's blood alcohol content (BAC). BreathalEyes - BAC Scanner is an app currently available in the App Store "intended" to be for the iPhone 4 and later. Intended, because it will work on the 3gs though the camera's resolution is not ideal nor will you be able to use the light function. An Android version is expected to be launched next year.

Just the buzz of this technology will help spread the word about the main issue here, which is alcohol awareness. Perfect for the Holidays! Responsible drinking is important all year 'round. So lets start today and keep it in check this Holiday Season. "Scan" your friends and family with BreathalEyes - BAC Scanner!

Now for the explanation: During a field sobriety test a police officer conducts what is commonly known as the "Pen Test". The subject is supposed to hold their head still while they follow the officer's "pen" from side to side with their eyes. An intoxicated individual's eye usually "twitches" or "bounces" as they approach the left or right side. That bounce is known as horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN). BreathalEyes' goal is to measure the subject's HGN as accurately as possible and estimate their BAC.

The more people that buy BreathalEyes the more people that are consciously thinking about theirs and other's BAC. You can even gift it to them in iTunes. From your purchase and feedback we will be able to improve upon our technology and user experience. There's a great video on

So get our there and tell everyone about BreathalEyes. You could save a life!

Have a safe and Happy Holidays!

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